CPV Bill set for Inquiry, again…

May 10 2017

On Tuesday 9 May, the Victorian Government’s Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Bill 2017 was finally introduced to the Legislative Council (upper house), only to be referred to Parliament’s Economy and Infrastructure Committee for further inquiry. This is the same committee that conducted the 11-month long inquiry into ride sourcing which only reported on 23 March.

The scope of this new inquiry will be contained to the Bill itself - considering the proposed trip levy used to fund the transition assistance package and licensing changes. The Committee will be required to report back by early June. 

As the industrry is all too aware, the conversation about reform of the commercial passenger vehicle industry in Victoria has been ongoing for over two years.

The VTA have been at pains to point out that the human toll of this prolonged uncertainty and indecision is immense. Moreover, the industry needs certainty in order to plan and invest for the best possible services for passengers. 

However, the VTA will work and contribute in a such a way as to encourage further scrutiny, consideration and debate which we can only hope will result in a better outcome for the industry and all of its participants.

Our discussions with MPs across the Legislative Council suggest there are some realistic changes that could be made to which would represent a significant improvement for the taxi industry. With sensible amendments, we believe there is sufficient common ground to reach an outcome and we will be urging decision makers to work towards it.

Once established, information on the work of the Committee will be available on the Parliament of Victoria's website here.

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